Abandon Normal Devices. New Cinema, Digital Culture and Art.

Deep Hedonia. Music lead events, design and production group.

Electronic Voice Phenomena. EVP is an experimental literature and new media programme.

MANIFF. Manchester International Film Festival

Mercy. Mercy is an experimental literature and new media organisation.

Syndrome. Multi-media events programme.

Galleries / Venues

HOME MCR. HOME is a centre for international contemporary art, theatre and film in Manchester

Small Cinema. Liverpool.

Unitytheatre. Liverpool


Art After Metaphysics. Cultural critic John David Ebert on contemporary art.

ArtinLiverpool. Independent listings site for visual arts in Liverpool and platform for critically engaged art writing.

Corridor8. Contemporary art and writing journal.

Cultural Decay Rate. Essays on Contemporary Art, Literature and Social Disintegration.

Cultural Discourse. Looks at culture from a theoretical point of view.

DoubleNegative. Online magazine on North West arts, design, film and music coverage.

Linkeditions. Publishing initiative of the LINK Center for the Arts of the Information Age.

LoveArtNotPeople. Artworld blog by Rodrigo Canete.

Torque#1. Mind, Language and Technology

The Decline of the West. Podcast

Service / Fabrication

BPD Photech. Photographic printing lab.

Dunright. Wrought iron specialists.

K.L Joinery. Bespoke Joinery Products.

John Swift. Wood Finishing Specialists.